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bluetang® d.i. resin

The water quality entering your reef is vitally important and a major contributing factor to a successful reef tank.  This predominantly is in two ways, firstly the daily top up water used to replace what has evaporated and the water being used in your saltwater mix.  We recommend using a high quality reverse osmosis unit complete with de-ionising pod using d.i. resin to achieve 0 total dissolved solids.

bluetang® co2 scrubber media

Low P.H. in saltwater tanks can be a result of a tank located in an area with lots of CO2 present in the air.  Use bluetang co2 scrubber media to raise the P.H. of your tank by removing the co2 being passed into your tank by your skimmer.

bluetang® rockfix

Create your masterpiece aquascape with bluetang rockfix.  This fast setting compound will secure rocks together permanently.

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