Red Cyano/Red Slime?
No problem! Blue Life Red Cyano Rx is very effective...

Blue Life Red Cyano Rx will quickly and effectively treat disease causing Cyano bacteria from live rock, live coral and live sand in your saltwater aquarium without harming any of its inhabitants including beneficial bacteria when used as directed.

Unlike other products, Red Cyano Rx will not discolour your aquariums water. Reef Safe.  Quick and Effective.  Will not discolour water. Veterinarian Approved

Bryopsis Algae?
Say goodbye with Flux Rx...

Blue Life Flux Rx is a simple and effective way of removing Bryopsis or Green Hair Algae.  This stubborn algae is no match for Flux Rx.

Fully Reef Safe, and Veterinarian Approved.

With Phosphate Rx,
high phosphate levels are a thing of the past...

Blue Life Phosphate Rx is an amazingly simple and effective product that has revolutionized the way phosphates are removed from saltwater and freshwater aquariums. When added, the formula rapidly binds to phosphate molecules making them inactive and easily filtered out.

Regular use of Phosphate Rx increases vitality, colour and growth of your aquarium’s inhabitants. Phosphate Rx is Veterinarian approved and has been used by leading Public Aquariums, Livestock Wholesalers, Retailers and Hobbyists. Reef Safe. Liquid solution. Quick & Effective. Veterinarian Approved. Works in Fresh and Saltwater.

Get rid of this pest once and for all...

Blue Life Flatworm Rx is an exceptionally fast, safe and effective treatment for flatworms in your reef or fish only saltwater aquarium. This innovative product prevents disruptions in the biological processes as well as coral degeneration caused by flatworms.

The new potent solution reaches low flow areas between corals and behind rocks.  This product contains no chemicals, antibiotics or pesticides. Reef Safe. Easy to Use. No Chemicals. No Antibiotics. Veterinarian Approved.

Aiptasia Pest Anemones,
quickly eradicated with Blue Life Aiptasia Rx...

Blue Life Aiptasia Rx is a simple, effective and rapid solution for treating Aiptasia and Majano anemones. This product yields results within minutes of application. The dense solution sticks to Aiptasia, sealing the mouth to ensure planulas are not released during treatment.

Aiptasia Rx is the most concentrated solution on the market to ensure water movement does not carry treatment off target. The new, precise, Aiptasia Rx formula is reef safe for all inhabitants of your aquarium when used as directed.